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Posted on Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 2:19 p.m.

Ellen DeGeneres asking followers to go to Walgreens in Ann Arbor - but she won't be there in person

By Bob Needham

Since last night, Ellen DeGeneres has been teasing followers of her talk show's Twitter account about a "big day" today in Ann Arbor.

Around noon today she asked followers to get a toy and "get ready." And now she's tweeted more details, writing: "Ann Arbor! You can be on my show, help a kid in need, & win big. @Walgreens. 7:30pm. It’s a win win win. Wear your favorite holiday outfit."

A manager at Walgreens said that DeGeneres won't be there in person, but will appear via a live video feed for the event, whatever it turns out to be. The Ann Arbor crowd is expected to be filmed for the show.

An earlier tweet today, addressed to a follower who lives in Ann Abor, specified, "Then I better see you at @Walgreens at 2355 Jackson Ave in your favorite holiday outfit." The store is just east of the Maple Road intersection.

At 3:30 p.m. today, she added: "Amazing things are gonna happen at @Walgreens at 2355 Jackson Ave in Ann Arbor, MI today! See you there at 7:30pm. Remember to bring a toy!"

The first tweet, last night, read, "If you live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and you aren't following me, I would start now, and get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow's a big day."

The show, which airs at 10 a.m. weekdays on WDIV (channel 4 in Detroit), did not mention the Ann Arbor event on today's episode.

Staff reporter Danielle Arndt contributed to this report.



Fri, Dec 9, 2011 : 7:15 a.m.

Did She bring some Jobs for the Lowly Masses? Semper Fi.

Kai Petainen

Fri, Dec 9, 2011 : 3:11 a.m.

so... what happened there tonight?


Fri, Dec 9, 2011 : 3 a.m.

Why can't people quit complaining about Walgreen's, the location, and on and on. Ellen is an awesome and giving person. Let's just say "thanks" for a change!

Kai Petainen

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 11:51 p.m.

is Lady Gaga there?


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 11:15 p.m.

Usually these things are over by Jackson road and that bookstore. So sad no one comes on our side of town. O well, she missed the best part of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 11:04 p.m.

I understand she's partnered with Walgreen's for this promotion...but why pick a Walgreen's that in such a horrible location - my choices are trying to park in their very small parking lot or playing Frogger across Jackson Road if I park at Vet's Park.


Fri, Dec 9, 2011 : 12:49 a.m.

I would have LOVED for this to be at the Walgreen's in Ypsi at Hewitt and Washtenaw.


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 10:24 p.m.

She is partners with Walgreens during the season for the purpose of Toys for Tots. It makes perfect sense that she is at a Walgreens for this event. :-)


Fri, Dec 9, 2011 : 12:48 a.m.

Thanks for this info--it's the first explanation I've seen.

Ron Granger

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 9:37 p.m.

Local business? A local business wouldn't pay her like Target and Walgreen.


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 9:55 p.m.

Ron, you obviously don't know much about Ellen Degeneres. I'm happy for the children that will be helped and the people like her who will make sure that happens.


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 9:43 p.m.

We can all criticize and pick apart every aspect of a person's life or actions, but in the end, Ellen is doing a wonderful thing and is going to help a lot of underprivileged children this Christmas, so I don't think we can complain about that.


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 9:34 p.m.

It sounds like she is coming via satellite... not actually in person. Bummer. <a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>

Tony Dearing

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 9:45 p.m.

Right, the story has been updated to reflect that.

Hans Masing

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 8:39 p.m.

It would have been even more awesome if Ellen had selected a *local* business to have this happen at, instead of a natioanl chain.


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 10:10 p.m.

In the past she goes into these national chains and there's a contest of some sort.....The prizes are supplied by the store and they're quite large if I remember correctly.....It would be a lot of logistics for a local business I agree.....All in all, she does great things for a lot of people.:)


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 9:03 p.m.

Far more logistical gotchas with the unknown than the known.

Annette Poole

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 7:58 p.m.

I'm sure it'll be packed but my 3 month old daughter and I will stop by to drop off a toy. :) I'm guessing it's probably for Toys for Tots.


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 7:47 p.m.

How fun! Ellen is always giving back to people in need which is wonderful. Have fun if you attend the event.

Elton in Atlanta

Fri, Dec 9, 2011 : 3:59 a.m.

In what way is she &quot;giving&quot; anything? Seems to me she's asking other people to do the giving.


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 9:35 p.m.

<a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 : 8:12 p.m.

It won't be much fun if you have to drive any where in a 2 mile radius of the store.