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Posted on Thu, Jun 21, 2012 : 2:26 p.m.

Mitch Ryder draws big crowd for Sonic Lunch concert

By Melanie Maxwell

Detroit rock legend Mitch Ryder headlined today's Sonic Lunch concert in downtown Ann Arbor, drawing a larger-than-usual crowd for the free event. A stage was set up on Liberty Street rather than the usual site within Liberty Plaza, and the plaza was packed with concert- and lunch-goers.

Ryder started his set with a couple of early Detroit Wheels favorites, "Little Latin Lupe Lu" and "Sock It To Me Baby," and wrapped up with Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell."

Ryder will also make a personal book-signing appearance at the Ypsilanti District Library-Whittaker this evening.

Sonic Lunch continues throughout the summer at noon on Thursdays. Check out past coverage here, and see the Sonic Lunch website for more information.



Fri, Jun 22, 2012 : 11:49 a.m.

Great -- didn't make it down for the show, but think this is awesome. For those who need to get around, there are other routes. Kick back and relax - you do Mitch Ryder.


Fri, Jun 22, 2012 : 12:48 a.m.

O nuts! I forgot about that book signing tonight at the Ypsi library. Dang nab it. I love book author signings. But then again maybe it was a good thing I did not go? Look at that crowd. Wow.

Linda Peck

Thu, Jun 21, 2012 : 7:57 p.m.

I love these events downtown, although I rarely attend. I think it is exciting and people of all ages love it. It is summer in Ann Arbor and it is great! Tomorrow night I will go to Top of the Park and I am looking forward to it!

Madeleine Borthwick

Thu, Jun 21, 2012 : 11:11 p.m. love these events but rarely attend?

Wolf's Bane

Thu, Jun 21, 2012 : 5:46 p.m.

Classic right here:


Thu, Jun 21, 2012 : 5:25 p.m.

How on earth am I supposed to get anywhere with all that hub bub going on?? Not everyone is a Mitch Ryder fan! Has the mayor been notified of this? I'd be twice as mad if I actually needed to go downtown for something today.

E Claire

Fri, Jun 22, 2012 : 4:17 p.m.

@bababooey, so take the advice and QYB! ;)


Fri, Jun 22, 2012 : 11:50 a.m.

Take another route.


Fri, Jun 22, 2012 : 2:41 a.m.

Boo hiss. I stayed inside today rather than venture out into the crowd, but appreciate that this was a special occasion for many people.


Fri, Jun 22, 2012 : 1:49 a.m.

@E.Claire....I agree with Zanzerbar!


Thu, Jun 21, 2012 : 9:22 p.m.


E Claire

Thu, Jun 21, 2012 : 7:07 p.m.

I hope you're being sarcastic Bababooey. I'd rather be inconvenienced by something like this than by road work. But I wasn't inconvenienced, I was there and had a good time without being a big Mitch Ryder fan. These events are part of what makes Ann Arbor such a great place to live and work (although the mayor would like you to think it's all the "art" and fancy new buildings)

Eight Ball

Thu, Jun 21, 2012 : 6:32 p.m.

It's Mitch Ryder!!!