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Posted on Mon, Nov 15, 2010 : 10 a.m.

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By Susan Scott Morales, MSW


Three fundamentals of a meditation practice

Find a meditation center

Need inspiration to start meditating?

Sit for meditation when it fits

A basic question about meditating

New to meditating? Expect nothing

The intention to meditate can do the work

Meditation is a transferable skill

Sitting on the floor can benefit your meditation

Deeper meditation takes intention and preparation

Get a new perspective: meditation for mental health

Can you text, tweet and meditate all in the same day?

Meditating helps us learn meditation

As online meditation resource

Meditate to relax and relax to meditate

Can't meditate? Go nine rounds to get the practice you want

When your thoughts are just too powerful to meditate


Compassionate meditation can help difficult relationships

Meditate to learn patience

A short meditation can go a long way in reducing stress

Need more time? Meditate

Debunking a meditation myth

Meditate yourself to sleep

Meditation one way to deal with insomnia

For peace of mind, stop fighting thoughts on past and future

Learn to love the questions: a meditation lesson for starting the new year

For peace of mind and body


To rest your mind, try daydreaming as a meditation

Meditate on "negative" space to shift your perspective

Use nature to guide yourself into meditation

Between the breath meditation technique

Popcorn meditation for calming your mind

Visualize a deeper meditation

Breath to brain

Get a new perspective

Use 'peace' as a mantra to achieve serenity

Try meditating with a partner

How's your New Year resolution going? A meditation suggestion

Meditation on gratitude can lift your spirits -- part I

Meditation on gratitude can lift your spirits

Meditating on a blank page

A heart-breath meditation technique to help you expand sense of peace, joy

Self Help

Lesson 1: Get curious about your thoughts

Lesson 2: Notice how your thoughts make you feel

Lesson 3: 'Can meditation make me feel worse?'

Lesson 4: Meditation is active listening to the layers of your inner life

Guided Meditations

Use a guided meditation to take a vacation from stress

Thank yourself

The rolling pearl

Five senses to safety

Centering on the heart

For a new perspective

To access your inner wisdom

Find your edge and go deeper

Floating on time: a guided meditation

Color yourself in light: a guided meditation

A guided meditation on your highest goal

Guided meditation: Visualize yourself

A guided meditation: Choose a pleasant memory to achieve today's intention

Notice what you notice - a guided meditation

Meditation and Children

Meditation ideas for children

Meditation ideas for children of all ages

Musings on meditation

With all of summer's distractions, will you still meditate?

Start a love affair with meditation

When meditating, sometimes less effort pays off

Take your meditation deeper by journaling

Seeing inner lights in meditation can be absorbing and relaxing

Listen to your heart: a meditation lesson

A meditation analogy -- diving into a pool

Meditation: Are you ready for your close-up?

Meditate any time, any place for a quick respite