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Posted on Thu, May 24, 2012 : 1:59 p.m.

Ann Arbor No. 8 on list of best places for recent college graduates

By Cindy Heflin

Put another feather on Ann Arbor’s best city cap. The Atlantic has named it the eighth best city for recent college graduates.

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Ann Arbor is No. 8 on the list of best cities for recent college graduates.

The ranking comes a week after the city was named the fourth most well-read city in America by Amazon. In the past year, Ann Arbor has also been named the best city for singles and the fifth happiest city in the nation.

The Atlantic ranked cities on criteria like unemployment rate, salary levels, percentage of adults with college degrees, the share of jobs in professional, technical, and creative occupations, share of adults who have never been married and the amount of money people have left over after paying for housing.

No. 1 on the list was the San Francisco Bay area, followed by Silicon Valley (the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara metro area). New York was third. Gainesville, Fla., and Durham, N.C., rounded out the top five.

Read the article in The Atlantic Cities section.



Thu, May 24, 2012 : 11:06 p.m.



Thu, May 24, 2012 : 9:52 p.m.

Ann Arbor keeps getting all of these awards, I guess soon we will be over run by people moving in! Looks like we will loose our small town appeal once our population reaches 1 Million residents


Thu, May 24, 2012 : 9:31 p.m.

Bolstered by this good news, it won't be long before the mayor cuts the public safety budget even more, I'm sure.


Thu, May 24, 2012 : 11:19 p.m.

The towns that rank higher have fewer moronic comments in their on line news media.


Thu, May 24, 2012 : 9:28 p.m.

After I got my degree in Women's Studies and I found great job here in AA at Starbucks after searching for a job for 3 years. I'm already an assistant shift supervisor after a couple of years working and I only owe about $70,000 left on my student loans. I will probably make close to $30,000 this year and I love what I do which is making a great cup of coffee and blogging my political and social views for my fellow enlightened people in Ann Arbor.


Fri, May 25, 2012 : 2:01 a.m.

Nicely done Mo.


Thu, May 24, 2012 : 7:49 p.m.

A2 is the last place for a college grad who is serious about getting employment in their field. Working at Starbucks? Sure. But there aren't any career opportunities for new grads in A2. Where would they work? At UM doing scut work? Just because A2 has a somewhat lower unemployment rate than the rest of the state doesn't make it good place for recent college grads, unless they want to continue their college lifestyle (live in overpriced apartments, work at one of the restaurants part-time, and hang out with friends from college). This isn't moving on with your life, nor is it starting your career. Looking at a bunch of abstract data doesn't reflect reality.


Thu, May 24, 2012 : 8 p.m.

Wow, an amazing amount of angst you keep. There are tons of great jobs here, ranging from doctors or physicists to software engineers and marketers. I just met a guy who lays fiber optics on the ocean floor, and he chooses to live here! I'm grateful for my many years of mostly excellent, rewarding and challenging jobs in Ann Arbor.


Thu, May 24, 2012 : 7:52 p.m.

Speak for yourself. I'm a State grad working at "real person job" and loving Ann Arbor (minus a few days a year when my Spartans are playing UofM). I live with other recent grads, and have a few friends who just graduated that have moved/are moving here.


Thu, May 24, 2012 : 7:27 p.m. we will be known for the amount of money we have left in our wallets after bill paying so the panhandlers will not accept a "no, don't have any..." oh good grief....