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Posted on Mon, Mar 4, 2013 : 2:59 p.m.

Man charged with shooting at car with four small children in it

By John Counts


Michael Haywood

Courtesy of WCSO


Jason Mayleben

Courtesy of WCSO

Two men have now been charged in a Feb. 16 shooting in which two rounds were fired in the direction of a vehicle with four small children in it, police said Monday.

No one was injured in the incident.

Michael DeShawn Haywood, 24, of Ypsilanti Township, and Jason Mayleben, 25, Ann Arbor, are both charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and felony firearm.

"I didn't know there were any kids in the car," said Haywood when he was arraigned Thursday from the Washtenaw County Jail. "I found that out after the fact."

A 26-year-old Wayne man with whom Mayleben had fought with a week prior to the shooting was the actual target, said Sgt. Geoff Fox of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office.

At 9:45 p.m. on Feb. 16, Mayleben and Haywood saw the man driving in Ypsilanti Township and followed his vehicle to the area of Parkwood Avenue and South Harris Road, police said. The man stopped his vehicle and got out to "see what their issue was," Fox said.

As the 26-year-old approached, Haywood pulled out a gun and started shooting in the direction of the man after the two men yelled at each other for a short time, Fox said.

"Two bullets struck the victim's car that had his girlfriend and four small children inside," Fox said. "No one was hit."

The suspects then fled the area.

Mayleben was arrested at his home in Ypsilanti Township after an investigation. He was arraigned Feb. 19, at which time his bond was set for $25,000, which was posted two days later, according to court records.

A warrant was subsequently issued for Haywood, who was arrested in Ann Arbor on Feb. 27, police said.

Police said Haywood has a criminal history, including armed robbery, and they argued for a steep bond at his arraignment.

Magistrate Elisha Fink set Haywood's bond at $20,000 cash or surety. A preliminary examination was set for March 13.

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Wed, Mar 6, 2013 : 2:33 a.m.

I am feeling very confused. I asked about this? They said there were not small children in the car. And this was near Ford and Parkwood, Not Harris and Parkwood. They said it was also near that gas station. I guess I need to confront the person who is a deputy what is really what.


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 5:49 p.m.

To the Perps: nice going guys, traumatize 4 children so you two can run your own macho agenda. the 2 of you disgust me! To the four innocent children: I am so sorry you had to see this.


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 2:52 p.m.

'I didn't know there were any kids in the car,' said Haywood" – from his words, we see that Mr. Haywood has no idea of the value of human life or the fundamental obligation we all have to respect human life. It's just this kind of thoughtlessness which causes tragedies we see so often. And lets not forget the thoughtlessness of the 26 year-old Wayne man who stopped his car to confront Haywood, leaving a woman and 4 children in the line of fire. I'm sincerely grateful to see the other comments here condemning both of these men. It's genuinely reassuring to know we stand together at least on this one fundamental point of moral and intellectual rectitude. Without such staunch unity, we risk losing our humanity and our civilization.

Free Radical Scavenger

Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 1:14 p.m.

I think the people setting the bond in this case need to lose their jobs.

John Counts

Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 3:47 a.m.

JRW: Here is the link to the story:


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 3:28 a.m.

Where is the photo of the suspect arrested in the shooting last week (shooting randomly at cars with a sawed off shotgun)? I do not recall seeing any photos and I believe he was arraigned. Where is the photo?


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 2:40 p.m.

And if I remember correctly his bond was $100,000. For shooting at cars with a sawed off shotgun which has a range of about an arms length unless it was slugs. Just saying they Both should have the higher bond.


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 2:01 a.m.

why such a low bond for anyone involved in a shooting big charges low bond out to finish the job its a clusterpluck law enforcement gets the bad guys and the courts put them back on the streets if my memory is correct wasn't there a guy a couple weeks ago who was out on bond for a gun case and murdered a kid in west willow well good job cops bad job courts

John Counts

Wed, Mar 6, 2013 : 3:33 p.m.

Hi patroit728: I believe you're referring to the Brandon Charles homicide. It should be mentioned that one of the the suspects arrested and charged in that case was out on bond from Wayne County. However, the other suspect was out on bond awaiting sentencing in an armed robbery case in Washtenaw County.


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 1:38 a.m.

OMG! That is our neighborhood! I guess we have something to discuss Tuesday nite. Thanks for the heads up. Glad those children are A OK.


Wed, Mar 6, 2013 : 2:35 a.m.

On our watch meeting? Our deputy said there were no children involved. I am feeling so confused.


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 9:02 p.m.

Right down the road from us as well, not sure how we didn't hear it.


Mon, Mar 4, 2013 : 9:59 p.m.

"I didn't know there were any kids in the car" That sounds very apologetic...

Cory C

Mon, Mar 4, 2013 : 9:50 p.m.

"Assault with intent to Murder" = $20,000 (or $2,000 to a bondsman). Yeah... Umm... Can we Please fix this system?


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 4:49 a.m.

"He got out and then went and shot some witness to something or another." Oh, well, that clears everything up! The system is broken because of hearsay! That's valid!

Jay Thomas

Mon, Mar 4, 2013 : 11:25 p.m.

Well, the problem becomes when they are bonded out and then go seeking revenge. That happened recently in the case of the guy arrested by police for robbing a pizza delivery driver in Ypsi Twp (and resisting arrest). He got out and then went and shot some witness to something or another. So no, I have to agree with Cory that the system is definitely broken.

Basic Bob

Mon, Mar 4, 2013 : 10:21 p.m.

The system works perfectly well. First, he will need to borrow the $2000 from a family member. If he skips, you can be sure the unlucky family member will be cooperative. He would be tracked down for the $2000 he owes, and then get to stay in jail until trial on all counts. Maybe even suffer a little while eluding the bail bondsman. If bond is not set to a fair and reasonable level, he will be discharged from prison on a technicality, which is probably not the result you are looking for.


Mon, Mar 4, 2013 : 9:06 p.m.

Another prime example of the police doing there job arresting the suspects, the prosecuter doing there job "Haywood has a criminal history, including armed robbery, and they argued for a steep bond at his arraignment", and the court setting a low bond. Haywood basically admitted to it by saying" I didn't know there were kids in the car, I found that out after the fact". Its still against the law to shoot at a car and someone even if there are not kids in the car. A $20,000 bond for someone who has a previous criminal history for recklessly shooting at a car when you don't know who is inside. I think this person getting a $20,000 bond is nearly as big of crime itself. Our District judges and Magistrates need to do a better job. Whats the chance that this bond gets LOWERED at the preliminary hearing!


Mon, Mar 4, 2013 : 8:32 p.m.

I would not want to find out what somebody's issue was with me while I had 4 children with me. Although, I have actually done that before, now that I think about it....And people told me how stupid it was...


Tue, Mar 5, 2013 : 4:45 a.m.

perhaps the individual figured it would be better to confront the issue rather than let them pull up next to the vehicle and start firing... sometimes your choices are limited by the situation.


Mon, Mar 4, 2013 : 8:13 p.m.

"I didn't know there were any kids in the car," said Haywood when he was arraigned Thursday from the Washtenaw County Jail. "I found that out after the fact." Oh well it was just a misunderstanding and you are a good person just getting your life in order. No harm no foul right? Jeez what a maroon!