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Posted on Sat, Oct 27, 2012 : 12:32 p.m.

Personal experience in clean energy prompts voter to support Proposal 3

By Letters to the Editor

After being laid off 12 years ago from a machine tool manufacturing firm I started a renewable energy installation company.

In the last 11 years, I have witnessed the growth possible in the clean energy sector. When California had brown outs and started to really encourage renewable energy, I watched as hundreds of companies like mine opened and flourished there.

When New Jersey adapted a standard like Proposal 3, I noticed much of the equipment I purchased for sale in Michigan shipped from New Jersey. In 2009 Ontario adapted a standard like Proposal 3. That year at a trade show in California, I met a man from China that said he hoped to open a manufacturing plant in Ontario.

I recently found out that company now employs 300 or so in Ontario — all working 24/7.

That's why I'm voting YES on Proposal 3, and strongly encouraging others to do so.

John Wakeman

Ann Arbor



Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 5:26 p.m.

It is California's green energy mandates that led to brownouts, not the other way around.

Jim Walker

Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 3:10 p.m.

If Proposal 3 passes, look for large increases in the utility rates. Wind, solar, and other green energy sources are a LOT more expensive than existing sources. James C. Walker, Ann Arbor, MI


Mon, Oct 29, 2012 : 6:45 p.m.

Read the bill. Rates can increase no more than 1% per annum.


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 12:11 p.m.

$2 billion dollars a year flow from Michigan out of state to buy coal to poison our citizens. People die as a result. Thousands suffer from asthma and fish are toxic. Consumers and DTE make money because of their monopoly control over Michigan. The last thing the executives of these companies want is free market energy. They want bonuses and couldn't care less how many people die from their poison. 180/year die in Michigan alone.


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 5:27 p.m.

IICC agrees! Free the market place and let the competition flow! No subsidies, no mandates, no market protection for any form of production. NoSUVforMe is spot on!


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 3:24 a.m.

DTE CEO declares he is happy that 50 die because of pollution in Southeast Michigan as long as he gets to keep his lake house in Harbor Springs.


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 3:20 a.m.

I got the job! I'm being paid $ 3.95/hour to lie for DTE! Proposal 3 will end life as we know it. CEO of DTE declares that he will have to sell his lake house in Harbor Springs if you vote YES!


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 5:29 p.m.

Tom Steyer lives pretty well. Well enough to fund the bulk of the Prop 3 campaign from California. It's not Harbor Springs, but it ain't bad!


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 2:14 a.m.

So I'm supposed to vote yes on 3 because it will make your company money? LOL. NO on 3. Actually, no on 2-6.


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 2:41 a.m.

You are supposed to vote yes so we don't send $2 billion a year out of state for coal. And we stop Consumers and DTE from killing 100 or so citizens with their poison.


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 2:06 a.m.

Hey, paid DTE and Consumers posters, how much do they pay you? Are they taking applications? Where do you get you disinformation? From CARE?


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 1:47 a.m.

Oh no! Another discussion thread for DTE and Consumers paid posters to attack. Let's just give up on knowing the truth. Instead we should focus on destroying DTE and Consumers monopoly status. No need for it. They simply abuse their monopoly status. We need energy competition, not bloated utilities that cheat Michigan rate payers to fatten their executive bonuses.

Dog Guy

Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 12:56 a.m.

Renewable energy installation companies live on government-rebated jobs. Proposal 3 would provide an immense boost to local installers of Chinese equipment. John Wakeman is honorably upfront about why he is voting YES on Proposal 3.


Tue, Oct 30, 2012 : 12:44 a.m.

Wrong. 80% of wind is domestically sourced. Solar installation is 100% locally sourced.


Sat, Oct 27, 2012 : 9:20 p.m.

Of course you know that this will raise energy rates. I feel bad for the working families and those not working!


Mon, Oct 29, 2012 : 6:44 p.m.

Read the bill. It will raise electricity rates by no more than 1% per annum.

Rita Mitchell

Sat, Oct 27, 2012 : 8:54 p.m.

Reducing particulate matter from burning coal fuel for electricity, resulting in reduction in asthma and other lung illnesses...additional reasons to vote YES on Proposal 3. It will be good for all of us.


Sun, Oct 28, 2012 : 5:33 p.m.

If only wind energy could accomplish this, I might be inclined to agree. Fortunately the Clean Air Act has reduced coal emissions by 60% while our use of coal for electrical generation has increased 180%. Wind can never produce these result unless we displace coal with gas. But then that is already 60% cleaner than coal without adding wind and it is indigenous to MI, unlike the billions in imported turbines Prop 3 would mandate.

Robert Gordon

Sat, Oct 27, 2012 : 4:41 p.m.

Thank you for sharing. There are a lot of reasons to support Proposal 3.