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Posted on Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 10:42 a.m.

2 men hurt in attack in Ann Arbor parking structure

By Katrease Stafford

Editor's note: The following story has been corrected with information from the Ann Arbor Police Department which originally reported that one of the victims was a 10-year-old boy. The victim was actually a 20-year-old Dexter man, according to police.

Three people were arrested after two Dexter men told Ann Arbor Police that they were injured in an assault in a parking structure early Friday morning.

A 21-year-old man and 20-year-old man, both from Dexter, told police they were "jumped" at 2:01 a.m. by three people who got out of a tan Pontiac at the Maynard Street parking structure at 324 Maynard, near the intersection with East Liberty Street.

The victims said they were punched, knocked to the ground and kicked continuously while on the ground, police said in a press release.

Officers responded and were able to stop the car and arrest the suspects, three men from Jackson, on suspicion of aggravated assault, police said.

The 21-year-old suffered extensive injuries to the face, head and neck area and the 20-year-old suffered facial and head injuries, police said. Both were transported to the University of Michigan hospital.

No further information was immediately available.

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Mon, Dec 17, 2012 : 3:43 p.m.

Kids are hitting puberty earlier than ever.


Sun, Dec 16, 2012 : 4:09 p.m.

Part of the issue with this parking structure is the liquor store directly next to it. I was there midday yesterday and there were 4 men loitering out front and two peeing near the dumpster on the side while shouting at a young female walking by. How could I see all that you may ask? The elevator that goes up to the 5th level where I was parked is glass and you can see everything. I will never park in that structure again. Its not a safe area downtown.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 11:55 p.m.

What was the race of the accused?


Sat, Dec 15, 2012 : 3:17 p.m.



Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 11:36 p.m.

No security cameras in the parking lot?


Sat, Dec 15, 2012 : 11:46 p.m.

Of course not, the security cameras are politically correct, just like the Ann Arbor News.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 7:17 p.m.

No surprise. Don't go out in Ann Arbor after dark.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 6:14 p.m.

Both victims are ok, bruised and a few stitches, but ok.


Sat, Dec 15, 2012 : 11:44 p.m.

A liberal is someone who hasn't been mugged yet. A racist is someone who has been.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 7:47 p.m.

Good news, Buck, thanks for keeping us posted.

John Counts

Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 5:05 p.m.

I just wanted to address all of the comments referencing the age of one of the victims. Police originally told and other media outlets one of the victims was 10 years old. Soon after the story was posted, we learned this was incorrect. We checked with police who said they had made a mistake, that the victim was 20 years old. The story has been changed with the correct information and a note was added at the top of the story saying as much. I hope this clears up any confusion.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 10:50 p.m.

Aaapd cant figure out that the 10yrd old boy is a 20yrd man? Great job!


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 6:47 p.m.

Yeah, you know, that darn 1 is just right next to that elusive 2.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 5:29 p.m.

Thank you. Big difference. Hope the young men are ok.

An Arborigine

Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:55 p.m.

Hope they confirm guilt and hang 'em high.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:53 p.m.

This is a typo, the other man was 19 or 20 not 10. I know cause I know both of the young men, punched from behind for saying Hi!


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 11:03 p.m.

Thanks Buck. I hope your friends are okay.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 6:49 p.m.

for saying "hi" lol, uh huh.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 5:54 p.m.

Well saying Hi was the instigating factor. The victom doen't have a mean bone in his body, but he learned the hard way how bad this world can be. A little naive, yes, but I'm sure he'll be a little more aware of his surrounding in the future and remember nothing good happens after midnight!

Dr. Fate

Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 5:43 p.m.

Hard to believe that just saying "hi" was the instigating factor. On the other hand, making friends in a parking structure when you are outnumbered at 2 a.m. isn't good street sense.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:54 p.m.

Well that clears things up a bit buck, thanks.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:51 p.m.

Why were they in a parking structure at 2am?


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 6:10 p.m.

Perhaps their car was parked there?

Speedy Squirrel

Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:50 p.m.

Ann Arbor is such a dangerous, violent place. That is why I never go on the other side of US23.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 8:01 p.m.

Very good. The fence appears to be holding.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 6:10 p.m.

depends where go in Ann Arbor.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 5:13 p.m.

Never knew saying hi was talking smack.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 5:01 p.m.

Right -- if you're a drunk 20 something out at 2 in the morning in a parking structure and talk smack with someone you might get beat up. Oh the horrors. Ann Arbor is like Gotham and I'm gonna lock myself in my house.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:42 p.m.

Is anyone else wondering why a 10-year-old boy was out at 2 am?


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 11:02 p.m.

20 makes a lot more sense! Whew ....


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:54 p.m.

He was 19 or 20, not 10. I know the 2 young men assulted.


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:54 p.m.

and on a school night no less


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:45 p.m.



Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:36 p.m.

There is WAY MORE to this story...............


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 8:25 p.m.



Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:11 p.m.

Why attack a 10 year old? Why have a 10 year old out at 2:01 am?


Fri, Dec 14, 2012 : 4:07 p.m.

Why do I feel like someone who attacks a 10-year-old should get a longer sentence than they actually will? Anyway, glad the police caught 'em, although I'm curious what the full story is here.