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Posted on Sat, Jun 23, 2012 : 5:56 a.m.

List of swimmers with Ann Arbor-area ties expected to compete at U.S Olympic Trials

By Kyle Meinke

A list of swimmers with Ann Arbor-area ties competing in the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials beginning Monday in Omaha, Neb. Listed below each name is their seeds in the events they will participate.


Former Michigan swimmer Tyler Clary celebrates after his 200-meter backstroke win at the Santa Clara International Grand Prix on June 2.

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Chris Brady (Michigan, 2006-10)
7. 100-meter butterfly
18. 100-meter freestyle
23. 50-meter freestyle
43. 100-meter backstroke

Peter Brumm (Michigan incoming freshman)
62. 400-meter freestyle
71. 100-meter freestyle
120. 200-meter butterfly
121. 100-meter butterfly

Tyler Clary (Michigan, 2007-10)
2. 400-meter individual medley
2. 100-meter backstroke
2. 200-meter butterfly
3. 200-meter individual medley
7. 400-meter freestyle
15. 200-meter freestyle

Reid Elliott (Michigan incoming freshman)
80. 100-meter butterfly

Troy Esentan (Eastern Michigan, 2008-current)
117. 400-meter individual medley
127. 200-meter backstroke

Adam DeJong (Michigan, 2006-10)
33. 400-meter freestyle
34. 100-meter backstroke
46. 200-meter freestyle

Kevin Doak (Eastern Michigan, 1999-2003)
110. 100-meter backstroke
118. 100-meter butterfly

Ryan Feeley (Michigan, 2009-current)
7. 1,500-meter freestyle
12. 400-meter freestyle
36. 200-meter freestyle
36. 200-meter butterfly
128. 100-meter freestyle


Former Saline High School swimmer Mike Fisher, now a member of the Eastern Michigan program, qualified in the 100-meter breaststroke. file photo

Mike Fisher (Saline High School, EMU 2011-current)
99. 100-meter breaststroke

Sean Fletcher (Michigan, 2009-current)
56. 100-meter butterfly

Justin Glanda (Michigan, 2011-current)
101. 200-meter freestyle

Evan Gregg (Michigan, 2009-current)
113. 100-meter butterfly

Jacob Hanson (Eastern Michigan, 2009-current)
56. 100-meter backstroke
106. 200-meter backstroke

Charlie Houchin (Michigan, 2006-10)
3. 400-meter freestyle
10. 200-meter freestyle

Connor Jaeger (Michigan, 2010-current)
8. 1,500-meter freestyle
10. 400-meter freestyle
63. 200-meter butterfly
64. 200-meter freestyle

Dan Madwed (Michigan, 2008-current)
4. 200-meter butterfly
10. 100-meter butterfly
19. 200-meter freestyle
70. 100-meter freestyle
76. 200-meter individual medley

Brian Moore (Eastern Michigan, 2011-current)
36. 400-meter freestyle
58. 200-meter freestyle

Connor McCarroll (Michigan, 2009-current)
80. 100-meter backstroke
94. 200-meter backstroke


Michael Phelps, who trained in Ann Arbor for four years, is looking to add to his collection of 16 Olympic medals.

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Matt Patton (Michigan, 2005-09)
6. 400-meter freestyle
14. 200-meter freestyle
14. 1,500-meter freestyle
16. 200-meter butterfly

Michael Phelps (Club Wolverine, 2004-08)
1. 100-meter butterfly
1. 200-meter butterfly
2. 100-meter freestyle
2. 200-meter freestyle
2. 200-meter individual medley
3. 400-meter individual medley
3. 200-meter backstroke

Derick Roe (Eastern Michigan, 2005-09)
100. 50-meter freestyle

Sean Ryan (Michigan, 2010-current)
4. 1,500-meter freestyle
15. 400-meter freestyle
63. 200-meter freestyle

Bobby Savulich (Michigan, 2005-09)
12. 100-meter freestyle
36. 50-meter freestyle
37. 100-meter butterfly

Casey Sreenan (Michigan, 2008-12)
126. 100-meter backstroke


Former Huron High School swimmer Michael Swain, now at EMU, qualified in the 200-meter breaststroke. file photo

Michael Swain (Huron High School, EMU 2011-current)
117. 200-meter breaststroke

Davis Tarwater (Michigan, 2003-06)
4. 100-meter butterfly
5. 200-meter butterfly
10. 100-meter freestyle
23. 200-meter freestyle
56. 50-meter freestyle

Dane Vanderkaay (Michigan, 2008-12)
100. 400-meter freestyle

Peter Vanderkaay (Michigan, 2002-06)
1. 400-meter freestyle
2. 1,500-meter freestyle
3. 200-meter freestyle
7. 400-meter individual medley
12. 200-meter individual medley
31. 100-meter freestyle

Anthony Wahl (Michigan, 2007-11)
46. 200-meter butterfly

Kyle Whitaker (Michigan, 2010-current)
14. 200-meter individual medley
15. 200-meter butterfly
21. 400-meter individual medley
77. 100-meter butterfly

Roman Willets (Michigan, 2009-current)
62. 100-meter freestyle
114. 200-meter freestyle

John Wojciechowski (Michigan, 2010-current)
50. 100-meter butterfly
106. 200-meter individual medley
110. 200-meter butterfly

Michael Wynalda (Michigan, 2010-current)
25. 200-meter freestyle
94. 100-meter freestyle


Julia Andracki (Michigan, 2009-current)
57. 100-meter backstroke
78. 200-meter breaststroke

Courtney Beidler (Michigan, 2010-current)
101. 400-meter individual medley

Adrienne Bicek (Michigan, 2010-current)
32. 200-meter butterfly
72. 400-meter freestyle


In 2008, Pioneer's Ashley Cohagen, center, and Huron's Anna Demonte, right, finished 1-2 in the 100 butterfly at the SEC Red Division championships. Four years later, both of them qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. file photo

Emily Brunemann (Michigan, 2005-10)
6. 800-meter freestyle
29. 400-meter freestyle
44. 400-meter individual medley

Angela Chokran (Michigan, 2010-current)
49. 100-meter backstroke
56. 200-meter breaststroke

Ashley Cohagen (Pioneer High School, Michigan 2009-current)
76. 200-meter backstroke
156. 100-meter butterfly

Anna Demonte (Huron High School)
142. 200-meter backstroke

Briana Emig (Eastern Michigan, 2009-current)
35. 800-meter freestyle
53. 400-meter freestyle
133. 400-meter freestyle

Liz Johnson (Michigan, 2008-12)
72. 100-meter backstroke
195. 200-meter backstroke


Four-time Olympic silver medalist Kara Lynn Joyce, shown at last year's Eric Namesnik Grand Prix in Ann Arbor, set five national records during her senior season at Pioneer High School.

Angela J. Cesere |

Kara Lynn Joyce (Pioneer High School)
3. 50-meter freestyle
9. 100-meter freestyle
35. 200-meter freestyle
70. 100-meter butterfly

Alexa Mehesan (Michigan, 2008-12)
56. 100-meter butterfly
146. 50-meter freestyle

Allison Schmitt (Canton High School)
1. 200-meter freestyle
2. 400-meter freestyle
4. 100-meter freestyle
7. 800-meter freestyle
17. 50-meter freestyle



Wed, Jun 27, 2012 : 2:16 a.m.

Update: Looks like Canton Michigan is sending someone again to the Olympics. Wow. If not on the ice then in the water.


Sat, Jun 23, 2012 : 1:31 p.m.

Go Pioneer! We wish you the best!

Albert Howard

Sat, Jun 23, 2012 : 10:47 a.m.

Nice selection of talent with Ann Arbor-area ties. Best wishes to all the swimmers that are connected to our great city and state.