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Posted on Sat, Oct 17, 2009 : 1:43 p.m.

Live chat: Michigan 63, Delaware State 6 (Final)

By Pete Bigelow


adam t

Sat, Oct 17, 2009 : 1:58 p.m.

Well, its very obvious judging by the weightroom and track performances and just by pictures from the athletic departments that the football team especially uses steroids. The NCAA testing policy is designed to allow players to use without getting caught. Of course, the entire NCAA will have to be brought down and siezed by the Department of Education, entire universities in some cases, before the problem with Federal crimes is solved. The NCAA is actually bankrupt due to its liabilities so far exceeding its assets since felony fines and costs are really high, and since it cannot continue its operations, like the NFL and MLB, without breaking the Federal laws. In most cases with the bigger athletic schools, like UM, the entire athletic department is in collusion with university officials, local law enforcement and prosecutors, judges, etc. and billions in the NCAA are made. Of course, since the talent so often comes from the redneck fields and ghettos, which are so heavily armed, there is threat of extreme backlash if one school is penalized while others are not. But, since the DEA is interested and courts showed this is a felony issue, we cannot pick and choose who gets punished and who goes freenot when there is so much money involved in the cartel operations, and not when these are public officials. Foreign students are scared senseless and the foreigners watching the NCAA cartel play on television are growing more and more hostile with every enlarged heart they see. Police, funny enough, have not chosen to shoot at the largest targets available, instead focusing on much smaller hearts when they could have been lazier. How very ironic indeed. Well, so much for that maturity and responsibility pep talk from the big football weightroom cartel and their cohorts in the universities. Theres no sense in denying now either, since the prosecution has so many personal testimonies from players, doctors, officials, people generally threatened by the cartels. Nope. Id be waiting for the season to get shut down by now. Drug War ongoing, you know. International drug war even. Lots of other interested countries involved. Peoples law and medical education at stake. Morals, ethics, health, law and order just cant be sacrificed for the NCAA cartel. Sort of like Tijuana or Colombia or something like that.