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Posted on Mon, Sep 13, 2010 : 11:10 a.m.

Live updates from Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez's Monday press conference

By Jeff Arnold

Two days after his Michigan football team moved to 2-0 with a dramatic 28-24 win at Notre Dame, Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez is meeting with reporters to recap Saturday's win and to discuss Saturday's home date with Massachusetts (Noon).

Rodriguez said linebacker Mike Jones suffered a broken leg and will likely have surgery. His status is doubtful for the rest of the year.

• Rodriguez said Mike Leach and Kenny Demens could get the opportunity to play more.

• Rodriguez on Michigan's defense: "We can play better - we missed a lot more tackles. Some of it was their players, some of it was their technique. We've got a lot to clean up."

"I think we played well enough - some of the penalties really stemmed our tide. We're still not got good enough to play poor and win. We didn't play as consistently as we did in the first game, but we did enough good things and had enough big plays to win."

• There wasn't a lot of missed reads by the running backs. Said Denard Robinson's reads were pretty good, but that Notre Dame's defense took a lot of the running backs' opportunities away.

• The Wolverines kept their composure in the end. Rodriguez said while he wasn't comfortable watching the deep pass to Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph, , he didn't see any panic on the sidelines.

"We're going to face adversity in every game and I think your team grows up with that."

• Rodriguez said his team isn't fazed by being ranked after grabbing the No. 20 spot in the Associated Press poll on Sunday. "After two games? We weren't affected by being unranked."

He said he doesn't believe that polls should be taken until mid-October, but that polls make things interesting for the fans. In the same way he told players to ignore what people were saying two weeks ago when Michigan was perceived as a struggling team, he will ask his players to ignore the praise people are heaping on them now at 2-0.

• Rodriguez said he manages Robinson's work load in practice by blowing quick whistles and limiting the number of times he throws in practice. He won't allow Robinson a lot of long runs in practicing.

When asked what Robinson's work load would be Saturday against UMass, Rodriguez said, "We'll do whatever we've got to do to win the game."

• Rodriguez said Michigan will limit the accessibility to Robinson. Despite all the attention the sophomore quarterback has received, Rodriguez won't allow it to get out of control. "I know everyone wants a piece of him because he's the hot story. But he's not a professional. He's a student-athlete and he's got a day job."

• Rodriguez said he isn't worried about the work load. "We got 500 yards rushing and if it came from one guy, I'm OK with that." Rodriguez said he would like more balance but he has to take what the defense gives him. But he refuses to characterize his offense as a one-man show.

"Denard wouldn't have what he has if he didn't have some dudes up from blocking for him."

• More on Robinson's play: Rodriguez said he views Saturday's performance against Notre Dame as a continuation from Week One. "He's playing with a lot of confidence right now." Rodriguez said his offense is "quarterback-centered," comparing it to a point guard that can shoot 3-pointers. "Denard's been shooting a lot of threes."

• Rodriguez said he isn't overly worried about the number of times Robinson is running. He'll continue to do what it takes to win and part of the confidence in running Robinson so much is knowing that he's got two good quarterbacks -- Tate Forcier and freshman Devin Gardner -- that can play if needed.

• Rodriguez said the kicking competition remains open. After Brendan Gibbons missed two field goals against Notre Dame, Rodriguez said he couldn't say who will start Saturday against UMass. When asked if he talked to Gibbons after the Notre Dame game, he said all he did was asked if Gibbons could kick a little better.

• Rodriguez said he doesn't worry about how people perceive him after two victories. He said he is still the same coach he was before the season began. Rather than worrying about what people on the outside think of him, he said he will only worry about what he control.

"I live in a world where when you win, people are happy. I'm sure some people are still unhappy and probably will be for the rest of their lives."

• Rodriguez said he will mention James Madison's upset of Virginia Tech to his players, warning of what smaller programs like UMass are capable of.

He said some of the parity in college football has to do with a change in how many scholarships teams can offer as well as the attention that recruiting services have provided players. He said top talent isn't limited to big-name programs, but often wind up at schools like UMass.

• Michigan will hold walk-on tryouts on Monday. He said he expects about 30 "players" to show up and that student tryouts will take place after the Wolverines practice. He said he expects a lot of kickers to show up."

• Despite suffering internal bruising against UConn, Roy Roundtree practiced all week and he's the type of player that when you put him in he's going to battle. "Roy's one of those guys that probably plays faster during the game."

• Center David Molk is now at the lectern and says "Denard is probably the best person to have all this fame." He said Robinson won't get "taken by the storm" because he doesn't seek out the attention. "He doesn't like interviews, he doesn't like (reporters)."

• Molk on being 2-0 and being ranked: I don't like being ranked. I don't like the attention it brings. He said he would rather be unranked because he feels teams tend to stick together when they're not on people's radars.

• He said the offensive line is doing well but that he feels people are more comfortable, but that there is plenty of room for improvement.

• Molk on the outside perception of Rodriguez: "They hate him when we lose, they love him when we win."

• Denard Robinson is now front and center, talking about his continuation about his Week One success.

• Robinson on whether on teams are taking extra shots on him after the whistle: "You know it's going to happen. You have to be ready to take blows like that."

• Robinson on what advice he's gotten from his family: They tell me I have to keep going. It's still early and there's a long way to go.

• On not allowing the hype to get to him. "My mom raised me to be humble and to keep your eyes on the prize, You can't say I'm the man. The prize is to win for Michigan and not be an "I guy". I'm having fun, the team is having fun."

• On his durability: When they call my number and the offensive line is blocking the way they have, I can do anything."

• Robinson said he grew up watching a lot of Florida and Florida State, but that he also took notice of players like Charles Woodson. He said he really didn't watch a lot of quarterbacks. "I watched the players that had the ball in their hands all the time."

• Robinson said he doesn't pay much attention to the Heisman hype. He said people mention him for the award, but he tries to not listen to anything. "I don't even have cable."

• Robinson said he has gotten stronger and faster since high school and he feels like he can take more of a pounding then he did in high school. "You get better when you get to college because you get better coaching."

• On his relationship with his fellow quarterbacks. "Of course it's a happy family. We're all brothers on this team. Tate was happy for me and so was Devin."

• On his likeness to former Michigan Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard: Yeah I get that a lot. We call each other each other's twin."

• Kickoff for the Michigan-Bowling Green game Sept. 25 will be at noon. The game will be broadcast on ESPN or ESPN2.


3 And Out

Mon, Sep 13, 2010 : 3:37 p.m.

Every week another one of "Rich Rod's guys" leave the program. Im telling you all: Rich Rodriguez is not a good coach to lead this program in to the future. His own recruits do not stay. The ones that stay are marginal players, other than D Rob. We still have NCAA violations and sanctions hanging over our heads. The team plays sloppy and poorly coached....the only bright spots are D Rob, 2 WRs and a couple OL who are doing OK... btw, 3 of those guys are the last of the Lloyd era....funny how that works...Rich Rod is failing with "his guys" and the D Rob Train, can only roll for so long in September and the non conference. Peach and Go Blue!


Mon, Sep 13, 2010 : 2:25 p.m.

if u don't already love this kid (Drob) how can you not? He really has his head together. "I don't even have cable" I love it! Just keep your head on straight kid and the future is better than anyone can imagine for this team. And, yes, can we please get someone to make a field goal around here! That game would have been put away earlier if we get those 6 points.


Mon, Sep 13, 2010 : 1:04 p.m.

Lalota did leave. He was a redshirt freshman that had yet to crack the two-deep. What worries me isn't so much that he's leaving, but this (true and redshirt) freshman transfer trend that seems to be taking place around college football these days. Seems like if kids don't hit the field by the time they're a redshirt freshman or sophomore they up and leave. No one has the patience to develop physically and mentally and earn their way in to the line up. Back before the internet as we know it, you probably wouldn't hear about a player in the starting line up for the first time until they were a sophomore or junior. Now it's like kids get all this hype from scouting services and if they don't see the field immediately they think they're never going to get playing time and leave. Justin Turner and Vlad Emilien left due to lack of playing time (both redshirt freshmen) and I'm know there are others. Had Turner stuck it out he'd probably be seeing plenty of game time since Woolfolk got injured. But he didn't want to wait. After all, he was a redshirt freshman and a highly rated recruit, so hand him the job... Sorry, just an annoying trend not just here but all around college football these days. /end rant


Mon, Sep 13, 2010 : 12:27 p.m.

Heard redshirt freshmen DE Anthony Latada has left the team and is transfering. If true the defense just keeps getting thinner.


Mon, Sep 13, 2010 : 11:05 a.m.

Put in Jeremy Ross from Pioneer. I watched this kid in high school and could never miss a kick.