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Posted on Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 9:15 a.m.

Michigan football team reports to fall camp, first practice held Monday

By Nick Baumgardner


Michigan football coach Brady Hoke will kick off year two of his head coaching regime Monday as the Wolverines officially open their 2012 fall camp.

Melanie Maxwell |

Football season is under way.

Members of the Michigan football team arrived in Ann Arbor on Sunday to officially report to the team's fall camp, officially kicking off the 2012 campaign.

The Wolverines' first team workout will take place Monday afternoon. Head coach Brady Hoke and selected players are scheduled to meet with the media afterward.

"I'm excited, ready to go. It's the last one and I've got to make it my best one," Michigan senior receiver Roy Roundtree said in an video. "I'm ready for this, all the seniors are."

Michigan, according to, welcomes 37 freshmen into camp this season and will hold 29 organized practices before opening the year against Alabama on Sept. 1 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

"Last year, I had no clue what to expect," sophomore cornerback Blake Countess said in the video. "This year I'm a bit more comfortable. I know my coaches a lot better, I know my scheme a lot better.

"I'm trying to get better every day."

The No. 8 Wolverines will hold their annual media day Sunday, Aug. 12 -- which will be followed by the newly-dubbed "Michigan football Youth Day," formerly known as "Fan Day."

Michigan will hold six practices this week before media day. All workouts are closed to the media, and no freshmen will be made available before the beginning of the season.

"Right now, I'm worried about camp," Michigan senior center Ricky Barnum said in the video. "We'll start thinking about Alabama when Alabama comes."

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Blue Marker

Tue, Aug 7, 2012 : 1:07 p.m.

Bless my soul that's a classic Coach Hoke pointing picture. If only it were a double point!

Billy Bob Schwartz

Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 11:17 p.m.

Hey. The rest of us have to read constant articles on blockage of State Street and that danged library underground parking structure and those criminal U of M people and the peeping tom guy and all that stuff, over and over and over. Oh, and the President or whatever of Virginia!!! Now there's an inspiring long series of articles. So how about if you just accept that this is Ann Arbor, and football is always a big story, and many of us love to wallow in the lack of play in the off season and all that, and just skip those articles. Nobody says you have to read them. We all skip articles we aren't interested in. You, too, can enjoy the freedom of decision. Go Blue.


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 7:44 p.m.

Ricky Barnum said in the video. "We'll start thinking about Alabama when Alabama comes." --- Well, Bama is comin': you can be darned sure of that!! Meanwhile -- Go Seniors! Go Team! GO MICHIGAN! GO BLUE!!


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 7:42 p.m.

Is this really Front Page news? Doesn't this happen every year? Will you be reporting first-pactice news for volleyball, swimming, theatre, track, etc. on pages one, also?


Tue, Aug 7, 2012 : 5:56 p.m.

What exactly else would qualify as front page news in Ann Arbor if not the first day of fall football practice?


Tue, Aug 7, 2012 : 2:53 a.m.

No one cares about those other sports


Tue, Aug 7, 2012 : 1:16 a.m.

blah.blah.blah. Im qualified to edit this newspaper. blah.blah.blah.


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 7:12 p.m.

TODAY is the first day of practice? How is that possible when I have been reading about U-M every day on these pages since the day after the Sugar Bowl...many times with multiple stories. I could have swore the season started months ago ... links to stupid, non-essential stories followed by links to stupid rankings from publications no one reads to stories about recruiting for 2014 and of course, to promotion of a non-conference game held at a pro football stadium that is somehow more important than Big Ten games! No, I think the season never ended and with the trend is happy to facilitate (that college football is just like the NFL and she be covered the same way) it never will (and please spare me the "we need U-M football 24/7" comments and how if I dont like it I dont have to read it - those are weak arguments for the over saturation of a school and sport that is close to jumping the shark by the nature of the beast the media has helped create)


Tue, Aug 7, 2012 : 5:57 p.m.

Well, there was spring practice, the spring game, and recruiting news. But you're right, I probably shouldn't be on your lawn...


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 8:58 p.m.

no one is forcing you to log on right ? just walk away man walk away.. but in the mean time GO BLUE..


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 8:41 p.m.

thecompound good points but I guess my point is - there is a time and place for coverage (which I enjoy) and that time is not saturation stories in march, april, may, june and july (when coverage should go dark to let me miss it and want more coverage Since about 2009-10, for the first time, i think there is too much college football 24/7 and it has only gotten worse now that the season is starting - ok - give me the coverage


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 8:29 p.m.

I wouldn't care if they printed ten stories a day IF I didn't have to scroll through them just to get to the "real" news. These stories also push news stories to the second, third pages while there is still active discussions going on.

Jim Jones

Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 6:50 p.m.

Nick, Do you know if it's possible for the public to watch practice in person at all today? I'm guessing no, as it's closed to the media, but just thought I'd ask. Is it going to be outside, so one could potentially see from afar?

Nick Baumgardner

Tue, Aug 7, 2012 : 2:04 a.m.

Hey Jim, Sorry it took me so long to respond -- long day. To answer your question, no. Everything's completely closed off, and that doesn't seem to be changing soon. And, as Tru2Blu76 says, the bridge is down! So there's really no way. Nick


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 7:48 p.m.

Used to be, you could snatch a couple of telephoto shots from the Stadium Blvd. Bridge - but that's closed this year. (Just coincidence? Hmmm.)


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 4:32 p.m.

Fall Camp officially opens,and the heatwave of 2012 rolls out,can't think of a better day for MEEECHHiGANN Football to begin.. I know the media will only get a glimpse of the practices, but like to see some video of Devin G catching some passes, he does have a unique way of making people miss, good speed,and separation ,he could be the deep threat the coaches are looking for.. Congrats to team # 133 GO BLUE..


Tue, Aug 7, 2012 : 5:59 p.m.

Devin has a unique way of making people miss, good speed, and separation? I don't remember seeing much (any) of that the last couple of seasons watching him play.


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 3:45 p.m.

countess said it all. . . he knows his coachs better, his scheme a lot better and he is just trying to get better every day! if the everybody on the team has that kind of a mindset(especially the seniors) they will go out on a high note!! GO BLUE!!!


Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 3:18 p.m.

I really, really hope this year's senior class can have a great season. They've been through an awful lot of adversity and deserve to go out on a high note.

Billy Bob Schwartz

Mon, Aug 6, 2012 : 1:41 p.m.

My heart just skipped three beats and is now thumping away faster than usual. Can it be?? FOOTBALL IS BACK!! GO BLUE!!!!