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Posted on Tue, Feb 7, 2012 : 12:58 p.m.

Web comments: What readers are saying about our top stories

By Staff

Here is a selection of reader comments on some of our top stories on this week:

Guest column: Obama's Affordable Care Act is bad medicine for America

“As a father of two healthy kids who spent $17,000 last year on COBRA premiums in the good old ‘unregulated’ state of Texas, I welcome any attempt the Affordable Care Act makes at cost reduction. Heck, even the fiscal conservative Mitt Romney was behind Massachusetts' health care reform, so I have to believe his intent was the same (perhaps I'm horribly naive.) We clearly need to do something, and if the ACA doesn't work out we need to try again until we get it right. I didn't see you offer any alternatives, making me wonder if you think the status quo is fine. If so, see my first sentence.” - Greg M

“We need a real ‘Single Payer Health Plan’ like what was originally asked for by the Obama administration. I'm so tired of healthcare being a haven for rich kids seeking careers. Do you remember a time when physicians practiced healing because they really cared about people and science? The change will be refreshing to see Docs beaten like teachers into submission by the media. Get the money out of healthcare and the true healers will come. At least that's what they tell me about education?” - newsboy

Distracted driving leads to death, serious injuries in Washtenaw County

“I think the only way to effectively reduce diverted attention by cell phone use is to make use of the technology that cell phones have now. It would require new laws to be passed, but for the good of all, especially if it could save the life or injury of a loved one. I'm referring to the ability to detect that a user is moving at a rate greater than walking. Cell phone companies can detect this from monitoring the towers that monitor the user's signal. If the users signal is traveling greater than lets say 5 mph, then all in going and out going communication must cease until users rate of speed decreases to 5 mph or lower. Yes, this would be an inconvenience to all those who use their cell phones that are passengers, but I would consider it a worthy sacrifice if it would prohibit a tragedy for a member of my family or myself. At least it would be worthwhile to enact a law that would prohibit minors on their cell phones to communicate while driving. Teenagers are not yet mentally mature enough to weigh consequences of their actions. This much has been proven. That's why I think this solution would prove to be an effective solution for distracted driving accidents and injuries.” - w. schwartz

“It's not a shortage of police officers that is causing so many distracted driving accidents, it's the complete disregard for driving safety. We should have mandatory sentencing for distracted drivers involved in an accident. I see those signs that say kill or injure a road worker go to jail for 15 years. What makes them more important than us civilians? Those signs should read kill or injure any pedestrian or bicyclist, go to jail for 15 years.” - snapshot

“One study that made its way into the news showed that laws that punish drivers for using cell phones while driving are not only ineffective at reducing cell phone use while driving but actually make the roads slightly less safe as drivers try to not get caught in less safe ways. It is also undeniable that cell phone use while driving is dangerous; one study suggested that using cell phones while driving is more dangerous than driving under the influence of a 0.08 blood-alcohol level. It is clear in my mind that the problem will not be solved by simply banning the use of cell phones while driving and giving the police authority to ticket drivers. Other methods need to be used. I would suggest taking advantage of the fact that it is really in a drivers best interest to not talk on a cell phone while driving. It is not uncommon for people to evaluate risk incorrectly or to make less than optimal choices when evaluating trade-offs.” - Staurt Brown

Lawsuit: 8-year-old sexually assaulted twice by classmate at Ann Arbor's Eberwhite Elementary School

“I think it is about time the districts are held accountable for their behavior. My son had been the victim of constant bullying from another child in his school, then the principal began harassing me to have him medicated for ADD (he was tested twice, he doesn't even have it) and then he was labeled a trouble maker and treated poorly by the school. The District refused to grant an in-district transfer so we finally had to move my son to Canton Schools because his father lived there. The following year it was like an exodus. 3 other families I knew pulled their children for the same reason. The bullying is crazy, but even crazier, is the district refusing to help us remedy these issues when the schools Administrations turn their backs on our children.” - Chrissa

Michigan Treasury Department adviser: Emergency managers are ’kinder, gentler' alternative to bankruptcy

“It is an utter hypocrisy for Republicans in this state to continually thump their noses at the federal government on one the hand, then on the other crack the whip on cities and other municipalities with laws such as the EFM. They can't have it both ways.” - mike gatti