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Posted on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 : 12:12 p.m.

Web comments: What readers are saying about our top stories

By Staff

Here is a selection of reader comments on some of our top stories on this week:

University of Michigan officials weren't required by law to report child porn to state

“What went wrong is it was easier to momentarily sweep it under the rug! THIS IS DISGUSTING, the description alone makes me nauseous. Regulating common sense appears to be very necessary apparently cannot just do the right thing by its patients on its own. SHAME ON YOU! I couldn't work one day in the same vicinity of the accused, I would be in jail myself!” - RuralMom

“Given the circumstances as they are now known to have occurred, this seems like a reasonable and prudent stance and I expect UM Health System will devise an effective plan for handling similar situations in the future. 
I also feel, though, that UM will have a responsibility, as a public institution providing medical care for the public, to share with the public what went wrong and what their future strategy will be in preventing such oversights in the future. It can't just be kept in-house.” - DBH

“The law may on the side of UM upper echelon....but in the Court of Public Opinion they are guilty as sin. I have nothing but contempt for the General Counsel who took it upon themselves to decide they didn't have a ‘crime.’ If that was their child laying there, as described in prior articles....would that still be their decision? Or because it was some anonymous child, unknown to them did that child not matter enough to get the police to investigate?

 Spin, spin, spin....but there's no way to come out looking good folks.” - Cash

“Accountability 101: Pescovitz needs to go!
If there is a lesson to be learnt from the Penn State scandal it is about the culture of university administrators. Sandusky, if allegations are true, is evil; evil always existed and will continue to exist. Patterno disappointed himself and especially those who thought that a great coach must be a great human being. But the string of university officials, those who are paid the fattest salaries around, whose entire justification for existence is to run the system properly. NO! THEY ARE A BUNCH OF COVERUPS WHO WILL DO ANYTHING TO KEEP AND PROTECT THEIR JOBS. Many in Ann Arbor were naive to think - it's Penn's problem; here it can't happen. And here it is; the system collapsed and no one is even considering to hold herself accountable! Someone, for God's sake, create the facebook page - Pescovitz has to go.” - HowDareYou

Who's living in Liberty Plaza? Camper says he's not with Occupy Ann Arbor

“No complaints? I have been emailing the City as well as the AAPD for 2 months now asking when I will be able to use the park I pay for without the illegal tents taking the space and ruining the view. I would really like to know if I can go pitch my tent there, too? Problem would be, I guess, that I would not appear down and out nor would I be available to let homeless hang with me. No. I would rent a luxury heated model and serve champagne to all my friends. Oops. But that wouldn't make me chic in Ann Arbor, would it? I would definitely be hauled off the scene by the AAPD.” - pbehjatnia

“Gee, we didn't realize the City parks were now open for camping. We can't afford a real vacation this year, but we do enjoy camping. I can think of any number of Ann Arbor parks that are suitable. Since Liberty Plaza has been rendered unusable for the average person, I think Gallup Park will be very nice. I think we should all organize and go at the same time. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? And, after all, we actually support these parks with our taxes. Liberty Park used to be a nice place for citizens to sit and have lunch. Apparently citizens are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to consideration.” - Jack

"’Steve Powers, city administrator, said the city's official stance to allow Sincere and the other occasional campers to remain in the park will stand as long as their legal behavior continues.’ ..... I ask how, by any stretch of the imagination, can this be considered ‘legal behavior’?” - daytona084

“I've read the article and the comments ... and have a few observations:

1) Many people have expressed concerns about the City's handling of Occupy Ann Arbor and Liberty Plaza.

2) The same goes for panhandlers, drifters, and the other assorted types of street people that appear to have 
taken over the streets with I suppose the de facto blessing ... or at least disinterest of City leadership.

3) "Camp Take Notice" was mentioned a number of times, which I believe is a sort of homeless settlement in or near Ann Arbor.

 A last observation, based on my having lived and worked in Ann Arbor prior to moving to another state: Ann Arborites complain a lot, but tend to vote for the same politicians ... or those with similar mindsets ... over and over again, while expecting different results. If you really want change, it needs to happen at the ballot box. Have the courage to take your city back.” - FormerMichRes

Poll: Michigan voters don’t want higher gas tax, license fees to fix roads

“And I don't particularly want to get tetanus vaccines. But from where else, beside taxes, is the money going to come to fix the roads? The private sector is not likely to pay for roads past their property line.” - alterego

“The voters would like some fiscal responsibility.” - Hot Sam

“Synder and company increased the taxes on the retirees and the poor. Now he wants more taxes on the citizens of Michigan to pay for roads. This will impact the middle class that is already trying to make ends meet. The wealthy won't notice the increases because they can afford this much more easily. I see the shared sacrifice is at work again.” - hank



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