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Posted on Thu, Sep 10, 2009 : 10:14 p.m.

Georgetown Kroger store counts down its last days until Saturday closing

By Angela Smith

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The Kroger at Georgetown Mall is closing Saturday - and neighbors, shoppers and employees are truly sad to see the store close. 

What makes this small corporate-owned grocery store so special?

Store Manager Kevin Hartmann said,  “I really commend the employees here for great customer service. That’s what makes the store what it is.”

Shoppers agree, they told me Thursday morning as they stopped in to pick up quick items on their way to work. One shopper noted the convenience of a small store - this location, built decades ago, is about 25,000 square feet, about half the size of newer stores.


I asked one shopper, Juanita Solano, a small business owner who works nearby, what brought her in to this Kroger. She stopped and confessed with a smile that she did not really need to buy anything. 

She came in, Solano said, because she wanted to visit with the cashier who has become a friend to her over the years of shopping here. Both of them got teary-eyed as they greeted each other there for nearly the final time.

As Kroger gets ready to close on Saturday, the store reminds me of a grieving family that knows it is time to move on, but does not quite want to.

 Shelves are being cleared off and merchandise is being sorted through. Some aisles are nearly empty as perishable items make their way off of the shelves. 


Hartmann said that Saturday will not bring any last minute manager’s markdowns, just the sales in the weekly Kroger ad. 

I asked if he expected anything special for the last day, and he said he did not know what to expect as he and his staff brace for the shutdown.

Some shoppers might stop by on their way to the University of Michigan football game against Notre Dame, he predicted.

"And the longtime patrons - some of which have been shopping here for 30 years—will make their way over for the last day," he said.

Dale Hollandsworth, a spokesman for  Kroger Co., agreed with many of the shoppers in Ann Arbor by saying  the associates at Georgetown Kroger “are a wonderful group of people.” He said the 55 employees at that store will all be given a chance to continue their careers at Kroger by moving into other area stores.


Hollandsworth is sorry the store is closing, but hopes that improvements at other nearby Kroger stores will be a sort of compensation for consumers. He noted that $16 million is being spent on upgrades at five area Krogers, mostly in areas of convenience and selection of easy meals, olive bars, marinated meats, organic items, wine and other specialty products.

As shoppers make their way through the newly designed area Krogers, I am sure they will be looking for the selection of bakery items and produce - and also for a few of their favorite cashiers and workers from Georgetown.

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Donny Donowitz

Fri, Sep 11, 2009 : 8:30 a.m.

This K. Roger was the most amazing K. Roger that I have ever seen! You must not take it away! Put the food back, and get back to work! Why would you close such an epic store? Shame on you!


Fri, Sep 11, 2009 : 6:18 a.m.

This is sad to see a neighborhood store and mall close. I live in the area and enjoyed the close poximity of stores...I could walk and get anything. My kids grew up riding their bikes to Kroger to take back cans....and one even worked there in her teen years. Now it will be an empty eye sore and the weeds will continue to grow around the site....reminding me of another ghost town...and hoping that we are not headed in the same direction. Take care Kroger workers.


Thu, Sep 10, 2009 : 9:29 p.m.

We used to live on that side of town about 20 years ago. The people who worked there then were very nice as well. It is sad and I too hope they find a nice place to work.


Thu, Sep 10, 2009 : 7:47 p.m.

We've been shopping at the Georgetown Kroger for over 20 years. The customer service is incredible. Darryl, Remy, Ruth Ann, and Karen always greet us with a warm smile every time we arrive (which is usually daily). They never hesitated to open a new lane when they saw me coming. If I wasn't with my kids they knew I was on my way to get them and they got me through the lane quickly. Even though the other Krogers are fancier and newer I preferred this Kroger just because of the service. We don't just feel like we are losing our neighborhood grocery store we feel as if we are losing some of our closest neighbors. We wish the employees well and selfishly hope they end up at the Stadium/S. Industrial store or Carpenter Rd. store.