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Posted on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 9:35 a.m.

Man caught cooking meth in Mustang sentenced to 3-10 years in prison

By John Counts


Jeremy Bryant

Courtesy of WCSO

The 36-year-old Ypsilanti Township man arrested in October after police say they caught him cooking methamphetamine in the front seat of his Mustang convertible was sentenced Wednesday to three to 10 years in prison.

It wasn't Jeremy David Bryant's only meth-related case, however. He will serve a concurrent three-to-10-year sentence from a previous incident. Judge Archie Brown credited Byrant with 57 days served in jail.

Bryant faced six charges total, two counts each of maintaining a methamphetamine lab, delivery or manufacture and possession of methamphetamine.

On Dec. 19, he pleaded guilty to maintaining a methamphetamine lab in one case and possession of the drug in the other. The other four counts were dismissed Wednesday.

Bryant was first arrest last spring when police discovered he was cooking meth in pop bottles at a mobile home police said Bryant occupied in the 9000 block of Geraldine Street in Ypsilanti Township.

While he was out on bond in that matter, he was caught making meth in a Mustang parked in front of a family member's home in the 7900 block of Briarbrook Drive in Ypsilanti Township.

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Sat, Jan 26, 2013 : 10:34 p.m.

What a sad mess he's made of his life.


Fri, Jan 25, 2013 : 3:29 a.m.

I guess he won't be squealing the tires of his black lincoln through the streets of Ypsi Twp anymore!

ms 2013

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 10 p.m.

glad to hear

music to my ear

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 7:34 p.m.

well he still looks fairly healthy. no visual sores on his face. lets hope he ll have time to clean up his act and not return to his old lifestyle . he will be out in 3 years if he is good. yes it is on the taxpayers. but I look at it this way, perhaps his family pays taxes and I am sure they would not want him dead which is what he was on his way too.

Andy T

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 6:38 p.m.

So much for season two of 'Ypsi Breaks Bad'. Meth...terrible terrible stuff.

Gary Haller

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 5:18 p.m.

we make jokes about the guy making meth in a mustang The sad truth is a very addicted individual wasw doing some thing very bad in that car that day why?? Once the drug gets ahold of you , without proper guidance and therapy you become a slave to the drugs.. This guy and a lot of other folks need help.. I sincerely hope they can find help whether its in prison or a local drug rehab setting.. this amphetamine is a curse.. we need to do some thing about it


Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 3:26 p.m.

Hey folks, we're not talking medical marijuana here. This stuff is not only dangerous to ingest but also can blow up when they're cooking it, putting people at risk who are unsuspecting. How would you feel if he had cooked next door to you and blew his house and yours up? Not to mention someone getting hurt or killed. I think he got off lightly.


Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 8:45 p.m.

Actually that is the reason for legalization. People can get the product that is made in a CONTROLLED environment. If you are a drug addict, you should be able to use it in as safe a manner as posiblee do it does not hurt others. The "war on drugs" is actually what causes guys to cook it in a Mustang or in a trailer.


Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 3:18 p.m.

Maybe he can practice his culinary skills in the prison kitchen for a while. The sentence seems appropriate given he had a previous case. That should of been a wake up call to get sober and he probably would of received probation for the first case.


Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 3:07 p.m.

Legalize it, I say. Who needs teeth anyway?


Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 3:02 p.m.

3-10 years for meth? All on our dime, of course. More revenue for the prison system, that's for sure.

Tim Hornton

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 : 2:44 p.m.

If inpatient and outpatient treatment wasn't such a useless waste of money and resources for most hardcore drug users like this guy, I would actually be outraged he got such a high sentence.