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Posted on Thu, Oct 27, 2011 : 6:20 p.m.

Sheriff's Office releases more details on Saturday night altercation in West Willow

By Kyle Feldscher

Police have released more details regarding the Saturday night incident in the West Willow neighborhood that left a man injured and his dog dead.

Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derrick Jackson said sheriff’s deputies responded at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday to a call of shots fired in the area of Mary Catherine Street. Jackson said deputies found a 46-year-old Ann Arbor man with a severe cut on his head and a pit bull that had been shot and killed.

Jackson said the Ann Arbor man, his family and the pit bull were attending a party at a home on Mary Catherine Street. At some point during the party, an altercation took place that involved the dog, the victim and the suspect, Jackson said. Police do not know why the argument began.

According to Jackson, the suspect was upset at the dog and left the party, only to return with a gun looking for the dog. The suspect struck the Ann Arbor man in the head and shot and killed the dog, Jackson said. The suspect then fled in an unknown vehicle, Jackson said.

Huron Valley Ambulance transported the Ann Arbor man to an area hospital in stable condition, according to spokeswoman Joyce Williams. She could not release exactly what hospital because of the on-going investigation.

Contrary to initial information provided by police, the suspect is not in custody, Jackson said. Police are looking for any information regarding the incident, and citizens are encouraged to call the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office confidential tip line at 734-973-7711 or to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK UP.

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Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 2:59 p.m.

it's not the renters are "worse" or inherently bad people, it's that they dont have the stake in the house or the community, as homeowners do. They don't spend time and money on home improvement and landscaping projects that help beautify the neighborhood, etc. And landlords are certainly less likely to keep things up to date when they have renters in there.


Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 1:29 p.m.

Yes, West Willow still has problems. If it took years to deveolp with the help of the 'quality people' it will take less time to turn around. Renters are not better or worse then home owners, Labels don't help the problem. The community working together knowing they are taking some risk will be the reason why West Willow will & can turn around. Help the Citizen patrol, join the association, and let the thugs know you are watching out for yourself & your neighbors. When the police know the citizens will help then they are willing to be there. it's not fair to blame the police when no one stands up & doesn't says "I saw this or that". Blaming one and another hasn't helped; so work together. Remember we asked & got 'Fair Housing' laws that now tie the hands of Landlords who provide a service to those who don't have the means to buy a house. If a renter acts like a pig let the Township / City know about it. Or, more importantly, let the renter know what you will do. Be pro-active 'Tis easy to complain it's harder to help - help.


Sat, Oct 29, 2011 : 1:58 p.m.

Well said gordon.


Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 12:38 p.m.

Hmmmmmm, was there possibly some illegal dog fight going on here? Just a thought


Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 11:40 a.m.

Spuds MacKenzie?

Mr. Ed

Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 2:08 a.m.

May be the suspect shot the wrong dog.

Ron Granger

Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 2:01 a.m.

I wonder if the dog bit the suspect?

Ron Granger

Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 2 a.m.

Nothing brings excitement to a crowded party like a pitbull. Now that's festive!


Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 12:38 a.m.

A gun, a pit bull and an out of control party in West Willow? All in one weekend? I'm starting to wonder about that place. Wonder a lot.


Thu, Oct 27, 2011 : 11:48 p.m.

I guess there have been so many people shot in Ypsi lately that the Sheriff's dept. doesn't even bother to let anyone know about them. I find the part about Mike Radzik not being informed disturbing as he can't do his job (police services supervisor) if the police don't let him know what's going on. The whole thing just reeks of lack of respect for keeping citizens informed. I have often noticed a distinct unwillingness to keep citizens in the loop from the WCSO. I have lived in Ypsi all my life and I bought a home here for my family when I came home from Iraq. I seriously regret doing so. I've watched the value of my home plummet until I could no longer sell it and I've watched as all the thugs from Detroit fled it's decaying carcass and moved on to the greener pastures of Washtenaw County. There have been at least 6 people shot in Ypsi in the last month which is not unusual anymore. As long as it stays mostly confined to the poor black community people will pretend it's not that bad but there will be spillover. There always is, just look at Detroit and how it went from the mighty Motor City to what it is today. Every shooting brings me closer to saying screw the bank and abandoning my house. My childrens safety is worth alot more to me than what I owe on my house. I see that many of my neighbors have already made that decision as there are many empty houses on my block and the ones that are filled are now filled with renters and not owners. If we don't come up with a plan we will have to watch all our quality citizens flee Ypsi just like they did Detroit and we will become a ghetto of crime and poverty. I, for one, will not stick around to watch it forever.


Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 12:37 p.m.

I also bought a house in Ypsi a couple of years ago. My neighborhood also is becoming a bunch of abandon houses or filled with renter who don't care about the neighborhood. I am also considering abondoning my house for the same reason, THE SAFETY OF MY FAMILY.

Monica R-W

Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 5:48 a.m.

Ryan, Understandable and your heart felt words are warranted & highly appreciated. A shooting happens a street over from my home. A dog killed, man shot and a call was made to the WCSD. What I hear...we have received many calls about the shooting. It takes until the next week nearly to find out what occurred, thanks to the Ann Arbor News. Yeap, I feel your post Ryan! Monica


Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 12:47 a.m.

well said dude.


Thu, Oct 27, 2011 : 11:25 p.m.

This story took a turn for the better? A man injured, a dog shot, and no suspect in custody?? Seems to me like all attending the party would have something to tell the police. (at least call the tip line or speak up) They don't have the guts in my eyes.


Thu, Oct 27, 2011 : 11:30 p.m.

Or the owner and dog were acting like morons and the people at the party are confident that justice has been served....


Thu, Oct 27, 2011 : 11:19 p.m.

@lynel I for one see no blame in your comment, but you do ask a valid question.


Thu, Oct 27, 2011 : 11:09 p.m.

Not to blame the victim, why would anyone take a pit bull to a party?


Fri, Oct 28, 2011 : 3:29 a.m.

I take my pit bull, who is part of the family due to compassion and love, to parties because my friends like my dog too.


Thu, Oct 27, 2011 : 11:51 p.m.

the same reason he owned a pit bull... insecurity ?


Thu, Oct 27, 2011 : 10:54 p.m.

this story just took a turn for the better.