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Posted on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 : 5:30 p.m.

Results from Day 3 of the 53rd annual Washtenaw Interclub Swim Conference championships

By Kyle Austin


Haley F. jumps off the board during the 15 and over diving portion of the WISC championships, at the Huron Valley Swim Club in Ann Arbor, Wednesday, July 24.

Courtney Sacco I

WISC Coverage


This is supposed to be summer vacation for Ann Arbor's youth. But at least one young competitor at the Washtenaw Interclub Swim Conference championships put in quite a workday Wednesday.

Eight-year-old Lucy Mehraban of the Huron Valley Swim Club competed in the first four events of Wednesday's swim session at Skyline High School.

Mehraban took home wins in the 100-meter freestyle, 25 butterfly and 50 freestyle, and was the only three-event winner from Day 3 of WISC. She also contributed to a third-place 100 medley relay team, as Huron Valley remained in first place in the girls standings with one day left in the event.

On the boys side, Ethan Sung of Huron Valley won a pair of events, the 25 and 50 freestyle races. Huron Valley won four of the eight boys events.

The 2013 WISC championships conclude Thursday with swimming for 11-12 year-olds and diving for 9-10 year-olds.

Complete Swimming Results (PDF) | Complete Diving Results (PDF)

Boys 8-and-under Swimming
100 Medley Relay
1. Huron Valley (Drew Kemp, Joshua Brunty, Ethan Sung, Owen Schadler), 1:19.05
2. Milan (Zachary Heikka, Ethan Budd, Robert Adams, Evan Budd), 1:28.87
3. Huron Valley 'B' (Gabriel Sanchez-Burks, Sam Koelling, Tyler Wilkins, Kaleb Schlecht), 1:29.65

100 Freestyle
1. Sam Miller, Travis Pointe, 1:18.26
2. Ethan Sung, Huron Valley, 1:19.49
3. Matthew DeBona, Buhr Park, 1:19.96

25 Butterfly
1. Kyler Heise, Georgetown, 18.19
2. Drew Kemp, Huron Valley, 18.28
3. Jack Wilkening, Racquet Club, 19.47

50 Freestyle
1. Ethan Sung, Huron Valley, 35.59
2. Matthew DeBona, Buhr Park, 35.91
3. Alec Simon, Racquet Club, 37.53

25 Backstroke
1. Drew Kemp, Huron Valley, 17.89
2. Jack Wilkening, Racquet Club, 18.69
3. Ozan Uyular, Buhr Park, 22.37

25 Freestyle
1. Ethan Sung, Huron Valley, 15.72
2. Alec Simon, Racquet Club, 16.50
3. Benjamin Stille, Liberty, 16.63

25 Breastroke
1. Ethan Budd, Milan, 22.03
2. Kyler Heise, Georgetown, 22.72
3. Joshua Brunty, Huron Valley, 22.73

100 Freestyle Relay
1. Milan (Ethan Budd, Robert Adams, Zachary Heikka, Evan Budd), 1:11.38
2. Racquet Club (Alec Simon, Michael Bailey, Zade Shamma, Jack Wilkening), 1:13.85
3. Huron Valley (Tyler Wilkins, Drew Kemp, Owen Schadler, Sam Koelling), 1:19.78

Girls 8-and-under Swimming
100 Medley Relay
1. Racquet Club (Clare Fox, Samantha Ketslakh, Alexis Greenhawt, Ruthie Mills), 1:19.23
2. Travis Pointe (Bella Arbaugh, Megan Socha, Carolyn Klein, Amanda Lin), 1:21.51
3. Huron Valley (Ronnie Armstrong, Emmy Chung, Lucy Mehraban, Dawsen Mercer), 1:21.88

100 Freestyle
1. Lucy Mehraban, Huron Valley, 1:16.47
2. Bella Lamb, Chelsea, 1:18.07
3. Gina Sadler, Georgetown, 1:21.91

25 Butterfly
1. Lucy Mehraban, Huron Valley, 16.35
2. Alexis Greenhawt, Racquet Club, 16.53
3. Emma May, Barton Hills, 17.34

50 Freestyle
1. Lucy Mehraban, Huron Valley, 33.42
2. Emma May, Barton Hills, 33.62
3. Bella Lamb, Chelsea, 34.64

25 Backstroke
1. Alexis Greenhawt, Racquet Club, 18.92
2. Lily Witte, Dexter, 19.16
3. Emma May, Barton Hills, 19.73

25 Freestyle
1. Bella Lamb, Chelsea, 15.39
2. Alexis Greenhawt, Racquet Club, 16.13
3. Dawsen Mercer, Huron Valley, 16.78

25 Breastroke
1. Megan Socha, Travis Pointe, 21.35
2. Lily Cramer, Georgetown, 22.69
3. Kendal Sanders, Milan, 22.81

100 Freestyle Relay
1. Travis Pointe (Bella Arbaugh, Carolyn Klein, Megan Socha, Amanda Lin), 1:11.21
2. Chelsea (Bella Lamb, Trilian Krug, Adrija Skiotys, Holly Durand), 1:13.41
3. Georgetown (Elle Lage, Lea Alderink, Lily Cramer, Gina Sadler), 1:13.93

Boys 13-14 Diving
1. Dakota Hurbis, Travis Pointe, 265.35
2. Jordan Smith, Chelsea, 194.4
3. Griffin Beck, Ann Arbor CC, 176.1
4. Brendan Connolly, Whitmore Lake, 167.75
5. Mack Hurley, Racquet Club, 158.95

Girls 13-14 Diving
1. Amy Stevens, Travis Pointe, 326.7
2. Taylor Hosein, Travis Pointe, 273.95
3. Izzy Holcomb, Travis Pointe, 261
4. Georgia Plagens, Racquet Club, 191.9
5. Grace Murphy, Georgetown, 185.9

Boys 15-17 Diving
1. Alex Caulder, Travis Pointe, 271.05
2. Joe Smith, Chelsea, 267.9
3. Will Brenner, Racquet Club, 258.95
4. Jacob Burris, Chelsea, 257.7
5. Jake Kilian, Huron Valley, 231.35

Girls 15-17 Diving
1. Miranda Early, Travis Pointe, 245.75
2. Claire Bauer, Georgetown, 230.85
3. Haley Feeman, Milan, 223.25
4. Wilhelmina Francisco, Chelsea, 219.3
5. Alexandra Dunn, Georgetown, 212.30

* WISC Record

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Thu, Jul 25, 2013 : 3:38 p.m.

Congrats to the Milan Boys 100 Free Relay and 100 Medley Relays on a job well done. The 100 Free Relay was a close race and a awesome race to watch. Great swimming by all the swimmers there.


Thu, Jul 25, 2013 : 11 a.m.

@Kyle & A2com -thanks for covering the WISC meet and recognizing the kids, coaches and volunteers who make this event a wonderful community tradition. Some commenters on your articles for day 2 mentioned covering other USA swimming events, maybe not realizing that other sports such as soccer or lacrosse have club connections, too and once would cover club swimming, I imagine the soccer, lacrosse, hockey, figure skating, etc. parents would want coverage of their kids championship events! Hats off to for covering the city wide youth sports events like WISC, city tennis tournament. Covering the 4-day, 8-event WISC meet is a big job with photos and results daily. I am betting that the the kids and coaches in summer WISC leagues are happy for the news coverage. WISC gives so many kids around SE Michigan kids, the majority of whom are summer-only participants or newbies, start a connection to a sport like swimming that might look intimidating. covering WISC is great because it gives some well-deserved attention to the summer swimmers. In Ann Arbor, swimming is a sport often dominated by club swimmers who have the resources, family support, dedication and talent to work year round. It can discourage kids who might want to keep swimming because of fun times at WISC to think about sticking with it during the year. CW is a great age group team, but it's not the only team for kids who want to continue swimming. There is the Y and other clubs in the area too who can claim fame with a lot of top swimmers. (DCAC - Portz and others mentioned in Day 1 article swim there, Milan, Saline and Plymouth Canton Cruisers has a girl with Olympic trial cuts who is 16)

Kyle Austin

Thu, Jul 25, 2013 : 3:04 p.m.

Thanks aaparent, the WISC championships are an event with a large level of participation that always has a high interest among our readers. We encourage anyone involved in any other sports clubs or leagues to submit their announcements and results to