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Posted on Sat, Apr 14, 2012 : 2:36 p.m.

A play-by-play review of the Michigan football team's spring game

By Rich Rezler

Sophomore tailback Thomas Rawls was responsible for both touchdowns scored at the Michigan football team's spring game Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

Matt Wile's 43-yard field goal accounted for the only other points scored in the controlled scrimmage, which culminated with the Wolverines' defense stopping the offense on four consecutive 4th-and-goal plays from the 2-yard-line.

Coach Brady Hoke's plan was to run 30 plays, take a "halftime" break and run 30 more plays. Denard Robinson was under center for just one series, completing 2 of 3 passes for 13 yards.

Listed below are unofficial final offensive statistics and a running account of each play:


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Russell Bellomy 6-9-0-36
Devin Gardner 2-7-1-36
Jack Kennedy 3-4-1-18
Denard Robinson 2-3-0-13
Alex Swieca 0-1-0-0

Devin Gardner 9-41
Thomas Rawls 9-39, 2 TD
Fitz Toussaint 5-39
Russell Bellomy 3-12
Justice Hayes 6-3
Denard Robinson 1-0
Vincent Smith 5-(-2)
Jack Kennedy 1-(-3)
Alex Swieca 1-(-5)

Jeremy Gallon 2-29
Unknown 2-20
Vincent Smith 2-18
Joe Kerridge 2-10
Jerald Robinson 2-8
Roy Roundtree 1-7
Justice Hayes 1-2


Play 1:
1st-and-10 from 28: Denard Robinson 6-yard pass to Jeremy Gallon

Play 2:
2nd-and-4 from 34: Denard Robinson 7-yard pass to Roy Roundtree

Play 3:
1st-and-10 from 41: Fitz Toussaint 10-yard run

Play 4:
1st-and-10 from 49: Fitz Toussaint 1-yard run

Play 5:
2nd-and-9 from 48: Denard Robinson fumbled snap, recovered by offense

Play 6:
3rd-and-9 from 48: Denard Robinson pass batted down at line by Craig Roh

(Reset scenario)

Play 7:
1st-and-10 from 32: Russell Bellomy 3-yard pass to Jerald Robinson

Play 8:
2nd-and-7 from 35: Vincent Smith 2-yard run

Play 9:
3rd-and-5 from 40: Russell Bellomy 5-yard pass to Vincent Smith

Play 10:
1st-and-10 from 45: Vincent Smith 2-yard run

Play 11:
2nd-and-8 from 47: Russell Bellomy 12-yard pass to Joe Kerridge

Play 12:
1st-and-10 from 41: Russell Bellomy 6-yard run

Play 13:
2nd-and-4 from 35: Russell Bellomy 5-yard pass to Jerald Robinson

Play 14:
1st-and-10 from 30: Russell Bellomy incomplete pass

(Defensive offsides on Richard Ash, 5-yard penalty)

Play 15:
2nd-and-5 from 25: Thomas Rawls 4-yard run

Play 16:
3rd-and-1 from 21: Thomas Rawls no gain (tackle by Marvin Robinson on cut-back attempt)

Play 17:
4th-and-1 from 21: Thomas Rawls 21-yard touchdown run (Matt Wile PAT)

(Reset scenario)

Play 18:
1st-and-10 from 32: Jibreel Black sacks Devin Gardner, loss of 9 yards

Play 19:
2nd-and-19 from 23: Devin Gardner pass intercepted by Blake Countess

(Reset scenario)

Play 20:
1st-and-10 from 32: Justice Hayes runs for -2 yards

Play 21:
2nd-and-12 from 34: Russell Bellomy 5-yard run

Play 22:
3rd-and-7 from 29: Russell Bellomy 2-yard pass to Justice Hayes

Play 23:
4th-and-5 from 26: Matt Wile 43-yard field goal

(False start on offense)

Play 24:
1st-and-15 from 27: Devin Gardner 7-yard run

Play 25:
2nd-and-8 from 34: Fitz Toussaint 9-yard run

Play 26:
1st-and-10 from 43: Devin Gardner incomplete pass

Play 27:
2nd-and-10 from 43: Devin Gardner 4-yard run

Play 28:
3rd-and-6 from 47: Devin Gardner incomplete pass


Play 29:
1st and 10 from 32: Thomas Rawls 5-yard run

Play 30:
2nd-and-5 from 37: Thomas Rawls 1-yard run

Play 31:
3rd-and-4 from 38: Russell Bellomy incomplete pass, dropped by Jerald Robinson

(Reset scenario)

Play 32:
1st-and-10 from 32: Fitz Toussaint 7-yard run

Play 33:
2nd-and-3 from 39: Devin Gardner run for -1 yard

Play 34:
3rd-and-4 from 38: Devin Gardner 17-yard run

Play 35:
1st-and-10 from 45: Devin Gardner incomplete pass

Play 36:
2nd-and-10 from 45: Fitz Toussaint 12-yard run

Play 37:
1st-and-10 from 33: Devin Gardner 23-yard pass to Jeremy Gallon

Play 38:
1st-and-goal from 10: Vincent Smith run for -4 yards, stopped by Kenny Demens

Play 39:
2nd-and-goal from 14: Devin Gardner incomplete pass, heavy pressure by Jake Ryan and Marvin Robinson

Play 40:
3rd-and-goal from 14: Devin Gardner 5-yard run

Play 41:
4th-and-goal from 9: Brendan Gibbons missed 24-yard field goal attempt

(Reset scenario)

Play 42:
1st-and-10 from 38: Russell Bellomy 9-yard pass to Joe Reynolds

Play 43:
2nd-and-1 from 47: Justice Hayes run for -1 yards

Play 44:
3rd-and-1 from 47: Russell Bellomy incomplete pass

Play 45:
4th-and-1 from 47: Thomas Rawls run for 0 yards

(Reset scenario)

Play 46:
1st-and-10 from 47: Devin Gardner fumbled snap, no gain

Play 47:
2nd-and-10 from 47: Devin Gardner 7-yard run

Play 48:
3rd-and-3 from 40: Devin Gardner 13-yard pass to Vincent Smith

Play 49:
1st-and-10 from 27: Thomas Rawls 5-yard run

Play 50:
2nd-and-4 from 22: Devin Gardner 11-yard run

Play 51:
1st-and-10 from 11: Devin Gardner pass to Jeremy Gallon, pass interference on J.T. Floyd

Play 52:
1st-and-goal from 3: Thomas Rawls 1-yard run

Play 53:
2nd-and-goal from 2: Thomas Rawls 2-yard touchdown run (Brendan Gibbons PAT)

Play 54:
1st-and-10 from 32: Jack Kennedy 4-yard pass to unknown receiver

Play 55:
2nd-and-6 from 36: Justice Hayes run for -1 yard

Play 58:
3rd-and-7 from 35: Jack Kennedy sacked by Richard Ash, loss of 3 yards

(Reset scenario)

Play 59:
1st-and-10 from 32: Alex Swieca sacked by Chris Rock, loss of 5

Play 60:
2nd-and-15 from 27: Justice Hayes 5-yard run

Play 61:
3rd-and-10 from 32: Alex Swieca incomplete pass

(Reset scenario)

Play 62:
1st-and-10 from 32: Jack Kennedy pass to Joe Kerridge for -2 yards

Play 63:
2nd-and-12 from 30: Justice Hayes 4-yard run

Play 64:
3rd-and-8 from 34:Jack Kennedy 16-yard pass to unknown receiver

Play 65:
1st-and-10 from 50: Justice Hayes run for -2 yards, tackle by Brandin Hawthorne

Play 66:
2nd-and-12 from 48: Jack Kennedy pass intercepted by Brandin Hawthorne

(Reset scenario)

Play 67:
4th-and-goal from 2: Vincent Smith runs for 0 yards, tackle by Joe Bolden

Play 68:
4th-and-goal from 2: Vincent Smith for -2 yards, tackle by Brandin Hawthorne

Play 69:
4th-and-goal from 2: Thomas Rawls 1-yard run, tackle by Tamani Carter

Play 70:
4th-and-goal from 2: Russell Bellomy 1-yard run



Sat, Apr 14, 2012 : 7:32 p.m.

Why did Denard play on only one series? (6 plays.) Likewise: was Roundtree ever back out there after the first series? How often did Ricky Barnum play at center? Those are my burning questions. Other thoughts; Hoke and Borgess have way more up their sleeve with Denard and do not want to reveal anything at this point. Denard never kept the ball and ran on an option read. Does the O-line need to work on pass protection?


Sat, Apr 14, 2012 : 7:22 p.m.

Both of Kennedy's passes to unknown receivers went to #96, Sayed


Sat, Apr 14, 2012 : 7:13 p.m.

Kennedy's first pass went to #96 Sayed.